Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What is the StrongCard System

The StrongCard™ System is a balanced alternative economic system developed for small business owners and consumers.  The system’s planned benefits are:

Our business system is a solution for Main Street as a job creation program and a way forward to full employment.  Once our business system is installed the planned outcome is growth and expansion.  Increase demand results in hiring people to support the increased demand.    
The company has developed a business model creating a global solution for the world’s economies.  The company’s business solution involves establishing and administering to a global network of preferred business owners.  The business owners are provided with their StrongCard™ branded cards and other products that are used in their offering to the general public.  In addition, the STRONGCARD™ Team provides professional support service and guidance in growing and expanding their businesses.
The STRONGCARD™ Team also  provides a number of marketing programs tailored for most businesses.  The company offers one card, the StrongCard™ that does it all: 
·         A Loyalty Card Program
·         Gift Card Program
·          and our innovative and unique Value Added Card Program.
One of the key benefits of the STRONGCARD™ Marketing System for their preferred business owners is that there are Zero transaction fees.  And because of this feature, merchants are now positioned to save 1,000’s of dollars from credit and debit card processing and administrative fees by saying no to credit cards and yes to their own merchant card.  In most cases the savings alone pays for the StrongCard™ system.
You Get More SALES! No Transaction Fees!!!!
The StrongCard™ won´t eat away at your profits. Unlike other cards your business accepts like major credit cards you won´t pay any discount or transaction fees no matter how frequent your business uses the StrongCard™ system.
transaction Fees!
Whether you own one store or multiple stores, StrongCard™ System has you covered and is ready to increase your sales.  StrongCard™ System is made for any sized business including franchised or corporate chains.
If your business has multiple locations, you can take advantage of our Multi-Store and Cross-Settlement features.
Multi-Store allows you to track sales by location, saving you thousands of dollars in unnecessary accounting fees - Perfect for independent retailers and franchisees.


The STRONGCARD™ SYSTEM integrates hardware and proprietary software to deliver the best marketing tools available today, including custom branded Retail card programs (Gift/Prepaid/Loyalty/Rewards all on a single customized card) With the STRONGCARD™ SYSTEM you have access to:
·         Email marketing
·          Internet advertising
·         Customer CRM (Customer Relationship and Management)
·         Targeted Mail
·         TXT Messaging (Mobile SMS)
·         All easily accessible from our web portal MDC (Merchant Data Center).
The Retail card program is used as the “tool in the field” to collect customer information, build customer databases and to deliver a customized loyalty solution unique to your business.
Why your data base, LIST, is important.  In Real Estate the key to success is Location, Location, Location.  In Marketing it is Prospects, Customers, Sales—these all come from you LIST!
The online Merchant Data Center allows you to:
·         effectively communicate with your customer,
·         view customer activity
·          Launch customized marketing and promotion campaigns.



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