Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The StrongCard International Team

As part of the gift and loyalty card industry, the company provides a loyalty card program, gift card program, and a unique and innovative value added card program. 

The Team

The StrongCard™ organization consists of 4 committed business owners who specialize in business growth.

These growth leaders have over 200 combined years of experience in business growth. Each and every team member’s background varies from expertise in Internet Marketing, Retail Marketing, Branding, Business Growth, Pricing, and Cost Analysis.

Our Values
We value each and every consumer and business we interact with. We want to see the economy grow and are willing to work with anyone who shares the same vision of growth through each other. We want to revitalize the Small Business Economy with a New Marketing and Loyalty Plan.

Eric C. Strong
 Eric C. Strong is the Founder & CEO of StrongCard International.  As a seasoned business owner -25 years- of a family owned dry cleaning and laundry business, established in 1930, we offered to our customers a prepaid program – The Freedom Plan - with savings from 10% to 50% on all our goods and services.  One of the many benefits:  it affords us an alternative way to finance our business’ needs.   Following years of research and development this program has become the building block for THE STRONGCARD™ SYSTEM.  As an efficiency expert, we designed a balanced system; a system benefiting the whole.

Joanne Quinn-Smith
Joanne Quinn-Smith (Techno Granny) is the owner of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates. She is a 30 year entrepreneur. She is a Branding Expert and is a talk cast host. Most recently, she won the National SBA Journalist of the Year award. She is also an Award Winning Platform Builder, and was an American Business Awards Finalist Best Web Site or Blog for Positively Pittsburgh Live!

Jo Ann R Forrester
JoAnn R. Forrester is a partner in SI Business Associates and Price it Perfect™. She is an award winning business consultant with over 30 years in consulting experience in cost analysis and growth. She has facilitated over 40 million dollars in growth funds for small business.

James W Martin
James W. Martin is a Pricing Specialist. He is a 4th generation family business owner and is a Co-Developer of Price It Perfect™ Cost Control Solution. He has over 30 years in business consulting experience and was a former United States Army Tank Commander.